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Majestic Moss Boulders

Majestic Moss Boulders

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With a keen eye for detail and a passion for preserving nature's splendor, James brings each boulder to life, meticulously crafted, ensuring that every piece exudes a sense of timeless elegance and tranquility.

Applying preserved moss to transform ordinary boulders into extraordinary works of natural beauty.

Majestic Boulders 48"x 84" x 3.5" dia. shown (Boulders 8")

Walnut Frame
Danish Dark Walnut Oil Finish
Preserved Moss Detail
Pillow Moss
Reindeer Moss
Sheet Moss
50-70 lbs
Indoor Only
Natural Odor will occur 2-3 weeks and subside over time
Due to its Nature, Variation in Color Varies; Each Piece will be Unique.
Each piece is handcrafted and designed by James Ammann who has gained mastery of his craft for 20+ years. Combined with his skills and care these pieces are built to last. For custom orders please contact us at info [!at]


You've put a lot of care into choosing your artwork for your space. With these simple care instructions your piece will last for many years to come.

No Direct Sunlight
No Water Needed
Dust lightly over time with a can of Compressed Air
No Harsh Chemicals

Moss Art By Moss Art Installations
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